Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails on the Blue Mountains, NSW

The sun is starting to emerge from the distant mountains early in the morning, the smell of fresh eucalyptus leaves and the aroma of the summer air in the Mountains is the best wake-up call. Realising you are so microscopic in the vast, rich and never-ending landscape that the Blue Mountains has to offer. Clicking the helmet clasp, you start to pedal down and descend into the true Australian rugged wilderness. The thick lush forest and jagged rocky slopes keep you guessing around every turn. You tighten your grip on the handlebars as you manoeuvre your way through the rolling hills, kicking up dust and leaving the world behind you. And the best part? Soaking in the spectacular views presented by mother nature. The human spirit and our connection with nature is something that can’t be explained, it feels right, and you know that when your adventure has ended, you won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face.

You can have adventure, fun and surround yourself in natural beauty right here on the Blue Mountains. Our national park is home to numerous mountain bike loops filled with various natural obstacles, enough to make any adrenaline thrill-seeker leave their mind at home for a day – but don’t be worried if you’re a beginner, we’ve also got you covered. Read on below for our top 5 trails in the Blue Mountains for beginners through to advanced:


1. Faulconbridge Point Lookout

Location: Grose Road – Faulconbridge, NSW

Length: 6-7km (one way)

Difficulty: 1/5 (Easy)

Faulconbridge Point is a scenic ridge trail in the heart of the Blue Mountains. It’s a perfect trail accommodating keen beginners right through to intermediate riders. Its wide pathed rocky trail surrounded by stunning natural scenery makes it easy to navigate, making the track more relaxing both for hiking and riding. Despite having some elevated terrain, most of the track itself is level and well-maintained, making it one of the most popular rides and a perfect trail for tourists to the area. There are several smooth sections of the trail lined with boulders, also a covered overhead bush canopy. The spectacular finale is the final clifftop vantage point, perfect for relaxing and enjoying that glorious view over the mountain ridges, we reckon it’s the ultimate spot to enjoy your morning coffee but be careful close to the edge. 

Note* Faulconbridge Point Lookout trail does not have any barriers, so be careful around rock edges.


2. Blue Gum Swamp Track

Location: White Cross Road – Winmalee, NSW 

Distance: 9-10km (one way)

Difficulty: 2/5 (Easy to Medium)

The Blue Gum Swamp Track is another popular trail that offers slightly more challenging terrain than the previous Faulconbridge Point. The entry to the trail begins at the end of White Cross Road, you will be able to lift your bikes over the locked gates. A slow climb exists for a few kilometres at the north end of the valley. Once you reach this point, you should have a look around, take a deep breath and get ready for a deep descent into the Blue Gum Swamp area. Along the way you will be covered by a canopy of beautiful, luscious blue gum trees drenched over the rugged and tight trail. There are also some small creeks, so be prepared to get wet, especially if rainfall has happened in the days preceding. Another secret beauty along this trail is the a breath-taking view that exists in the end of Springwood Ridge as you come to the Grose Mountain lookout, make sure you have your camera phone handy. Blue Gum Swamp finishes with a steep incline of just under 1km which leads you back to the carpark. For anyone looking for an easy to intermediate ride with family, friends or by yourself, look no further than the Blue Gum Swamp Track, this one is a winner!


3. The Oaks Fire Trail

Location: Woodford – Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

Distance: 27-28km (one way)

Difficulty: 3/5 (Medium)

One of the most popular tracks The Oaks Trail is situated in the Blue Mountains National Park, leading from Woodford to Glenbrook. The trail features stunning views and also has a nice picnic area, so don’t forget to pack some essential goodies. It is important that you make a day of it with friends and family and soak in the fresh natural mountain air and remember to take as many photos you can along the journey. Breathe in the majestic scenic views as the graded trail opens up from a big descent. It is quite rocky and bumpy, with various climbs along the way, on a super clear day you can see right through to the Sydney City CBD. The halfway stop at The Oaks picnic area approximately 12km in, gives you a chance to re-fuel, so make sure you have a bite to eat, keep your fluids up and give your body some well-deserved rest. After the picnic area, a thinner track continues to a final steep ride up as you climb out of the park through Glenbrook Gorge to Glenbrook station. The Oaks trail is definitely one of the best in the Mountains and perfect for a full day out. Make sure you bring food, sunscreen, a tyre repair kit and plenty of water.


4. Narrow Neck Trail

Location: Narrow Neck Road, Blue Mountains National Park – Katoomba, NSW 

Distance: 9-10km (one way)

Difficulty: 4/5 (Medium-Hard)

Although harshly devastated by fires in Summer of 2019 -2020, in the centre of Katoomba lies Narrow Neck. This track provides complex trails with elevated platforms making for a challenging biking journey through the Blue Mountains National Park. It boasts beautiful scenic views, winding integrative trails with various jumps that are recommended for mid-level to experienced riders. The trail begins from the unsealed Narrow Neck road via a gate and descends along the ridge line. Every swift turn from the ride offers beautiful views of luscious Australian flora and fauna that has re-generated after the devastating fires. Also along the way, you will hear the sounds of native birds chirping in the distance. Navigating your way through the rugged terrain on a thin point will be an overwhelming but challenging feeling as you overlook the Jamison Valley. The series of steep climbs and exhilarating descents will make you come to be in awe of the beauty of this special stretch of land. This trail is also perfect for hiking and the unique views of this ride are a must see for any enthusiastic mountain biker, please don’t get too close to the edge.


5. Andersons Fire Trail 

Location: Kings Tableland Rd, Blue Mountains National Park – Katoomba, NSW

Distance: 29-31km (one way)

Difficulty: 5/5 (Hard)

Andersons Fire Trail is the final and certainly the most difficult course on this list, and not for the faint-hearted. This challenging course weaves and turns into the deep heart of the wilderness of the Blue Mountains National Park. It runs between Wentworth Falls and Woodford. What sets this trail apart from the rest is the advanced obstacles, super steep descents, various jumps and harsh rocky terrain that will make any eager rider question their riding ability. Your journey begins past the Old Queen Victoria Hospital (possibly haunted), following the dirt road for approximately 7km, proceeding to turn left (there should be a little sign) onto the beginning of the trail at the gate. The steep descents and flooding smells of natural eucalyptus set this trail section apart from any others listed. There are a couple of different routes, various jumps, creek crossings and rest stops along this trail. Don’t ride this trail alone, you should be accompanied by an experienced rider. Don’t forget to pack your tyre repair kit, GPS and plenty of water and snacks to re-fuel.

So there you have it! 5 of the Blue Mountains best mountain bike trails, all with their own challenges to cater for every level of rider. Whether you’re after a day out with the whole family or an adrenaline-filled solo adventure these trails have you covered. You may even spot some Australian native wildlife, possibly a kangaroo or echidna on your journey so be prepared and keep your eyes peeled. After a long hard day, we know you will be looking for a place to relax and unwind on your way home. Head into Gather restaurant at Springwood Sports Club and try our home-style meals, delicious coffee, craft beers, ciders, premium wine selection and more. Great times are just around the corner, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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