Car and Cash

Two chances to win a car or $20,000 cash every week

Be in with a chance to win!

A new car and cash prizes on offer at your local club.

How to get Entry Tickets

  • SWIPE your membership card
  • EARN reward points on your membership card
  • SPEND your saved reward points on food and drink
  • REDEEM entry tickets from the Reward Kiosk into the Car and Cash promotion which only activate after you spend your reward points

NSW Authority Number.: TP/03668 View full terms and conditions

To be in the draw you need to have collected Reward Points on your membership card.

Once you have them, spend your Reward Points on things like drinks and dining when you visit the club… it’s better than using your cash!

By doing this, you will receive entry tickets into the Car and Cash promotion which you need to redeem from the Rewards Kiosk before each draw.

Extra entry tickets are also yours if swipe your membership card each day at the Rewards Kiosk each time you visit to the club.

Weekly draws


To play in this promotion, you need to ensure your tickets are redeemed by 6.30pm each Wednesday and 5pm each Sunday.

At each weekly draw, 5 tickets are drawn and these members will be called out, one by one. If your name is called, you have 4 minutes to claim the prize. If a prize is not claimed, the draw continues until we have 5 winners*. If it’s you, you’ll have the chance to win cash prizes and also the chance to spin the wheel for our Bonus Prize, being a brand-new car!

Each week 5 lucky winners get to choose from 8 prizes. Two of these prizes include an express pass into the $2,000 cash draw! If luck is on your side and you spin ‘Spin to win a Car’, you’ll have a chance to spin again for the chance to win the car or $20,000 cash!

At the weekly draw, 2 winners will also be selected at random to attend the next monthly major draw as a finalist.

Monthly Prize Draw


The lucky finalists from our Weekly Draws and Second Chance Draw will all be in the draw to win the Monthly Prize Draw. Each of these Finalists will be called and have 4 minutes to claim their entry into the Monthly Prize Draw. Each eligible Finalist automatically wins a $50 cash prize and then they are entered into the Draw.

All Finalists will participate in a game of chance to determine the winner of the Monthly Major Prize of $2,000 cash!

Second Chance Draws

Second Chance Draws take place on the Major Prize Draw day on the last Sunday of each month. To make sure your tickets are in the draw, your tickets should be redeemed by 5pm.

The Second Chance Draw commences at 6.30pm with five (5) members being called. Each person has 4 minutes to claim a prize of $50 and a place in the Monthly Major Prize Draw.

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