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Stronger Together
Current Status; Hibernation
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Gather With Friends

Great food for lunch and dinner

Gather is a casual dining restaurant offering the best of home-style dishes cooked to order. Warm and welcoming with a community focus, just what you’d expect from your local club.

Gather offers a selection of petite meals, perfect for the kids or those with smaller appetites and our dessert selection is sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

Eat and Drink

Relaxed and casual, Gather’s large tables are made for group dining and we’re always ready to welcome you.


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Event Centre

Our expert team will ensure your event is both successful and memorable.

Our Community

We’re here to make a significant contribution to the quality of community life.

Your Club

We’re here for the local community. Find out where to find us and about careers with us.

Club News

Stay in the Know with us. Find out more on cooking, fitness, community events and more.

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