The Worry Woos – Helping Children to Embrace their emotion

In a world that’s so fast and furious, exciting, yet exhausting, never has there been more urgency in educating our children in how to emotionally cope with it all. The Worry Woos, Developing Emotional Intelligence Program (DEIP) has been created by renowned child psychologist Dr John Irvine to help schools and pre-schools educate kids on managing their emotions.

At part of its commitment to the local community, Springwood Sports Club is funding the inclusion of the Worry Woos Program to 40 local schools and pre-schools across the Blue Mountains Region

The Program targets early childhood, from age 3 to 8, using the award-winning WorryWoos characters created by illustrator, Andi Green. Each character has an accompanying book and educational guides developed by Dr. John Irvine, where the main character is faced with a challenge and confronts their feelings.

The WorryWoos Programme has already been implemented in schools on the Central Coast, Port Macquarie and South-western Sydney via Springwood Sports Club’s parent organisation, Mingara Leisure Group.  The Programme is targeted at Stage 1 students and seeks to help children understand and manage their anxieties, anger, jealousy, self-image, rejection, bullying and social relationships. All vital skills in positively negotiating their way through life.

As part of its vision to make a significant contribution to the quality of community life, Springwood Sports Club is proud to partner with Dr John Irvine and Educational Experience to provide such important resources and training to local schools and pre-schools.

“We’re providing each school with the WorryWoos Programme Kit and training sessions for teachers by Dr John Irvine. The kit includes 7 WorryWoos story books covering the 7 key emotions along with WorryWoos plush toys based on characters in the WorryWoos story books. It’s great to see how quickly kids fall in love with these characters and how easy it is for them to choose their favourite.” Brett Clarke, General Manager, Springwood Sports Club said.

“The Kit comes with lesson plans and teaching resources which make integration into the classroom easy for teachers and fun for the children”, he said.

Each plush Worry Woo focuses on a different emotion – anxiety, anger, frustration, loneliness, self-esteem, self-confidence, independence and envy. Dr. John Irvine is experienced in helping children develop practical strategies on how to navigate each one.

“Children’s social and emotional health is the foundation to their happiness, their success at school and their success later in life. From children who are ‘internalisers’ and trying to cope with anxiety and worry, through to ‘externalisers’ whose behaviour is outward and can manifest in bullying and aggression, the need for these tools to build emotional intelligence and resilience is clear.” John Irvine said.

The seven-week program is not prescriptive and there is not set sequence, allowing teachers to adapt the resources into the curriculum and across subjects including literacy, music and performing arts. The Program has proven to improve children’s social behavior, intrapersonal skills and ability to comprehend and manage emotional hardship.

Kits can also be purchased from Educational Experience, Australia’s leading educational resource company. More information about the program is available from worrywoos.com.au. It is available for pre-schools, schools or parents to purchase via edex.com.au or by calling 1300 134 211.